Rachel spends the night with Hugh

Kim reassures Rachel that he’s just not ready to have a baby with her yet, but she still thinks he means never. Nothing is resolved as Rachel is called into work, where she’s forced to work alongside Hugh. After a stressful day, Rachel can’t face going home to more fights with Kim, so agrees to go back to Hugh’s place. However, after a glass of wine, the pair end up in a passionate embrace…

Matilda tries to persuade Kit not to move back to the city with baby Archie to finish her uni degree, and tells her that if she stays in the Bay, there might still be a chance that Kim will realise he’s in love with her. Kit isn’t prepared to wait around for that unlikely occurrence – especially as she knows Rachel and Kim are trying for a baby via IVF.

But when Matilda learns that Kim wants to put the IVF process on hold, she becomes convinced it’s because of Kim’s feelings for Kit. Later, Matilda visits Kim, and tells him that Kit is in love with him and believes he loves her too. But Kit is devastated and furious with her sister when she finds out what she’s done.

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