It’s Rachel Weston’s first day as Inspector following Gina’s departure, and DI Neil Manson informs her that he’s received a tip-off about a crack den and suggests that uniform and CID work together on a raid. During the bust, a number of junkies are arrested and Rachel and Pc Leon Taylor find a frightened girl, Tilly, trapped in a fireplace.

Back at Sun Hill, Tilly tells Leon that she was playing hide and seek with her mum, Angie Rogers, and when Angie returns to the house to collect her daughter she’s arrested. But Rachel is later stunned to learn that Tilly’s father, the seemingly respectable Phil Downes, is the main drugs’ supplier to the den.

Angie admits to Rachel and Leon that she’s being blackmailed by her ex – if she doesn’t deliver drugs for him, she won’t see Tilly – and with Angie keen to help police catch Phil to win custody of her daughter, a sting is set-up. At the crack den, Angie admits to Leon that she wants to run away with Tilly and start a new life.

Faced with a begging Angie, Leon tells her to run – but realises his error when he turns to see that the new inspector has witnessed the whole thing.

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