After seeking advice from Miranda and Rebecca about Rachel’s request to visit Angus in prison, Susan realises she must support what Rachel wants. At the prison, Rachel feels better that Susan is there with her as she faces Angus.

Embarrassed by her shock admission to Toadie, and desperate to prevent the Parkers from learning the real truth, Nicole gets herself into even more strife by inventing a weak and unconvincing break up story. But Toadie has a much better idea for a cover…

Libby wants to get glammed up for her date with Lucas, but is preoccupied with how Steph is coping with recent events. But after Steph meets Lucas and is able to give him the once over, she gives Libby her approval. Meanwhile, jealous Dan is torn between telling Libby how he really feels about her, and letting her get on with her life.

And when Lucas spots Libby and Dan having a tense exchange in the street, he drives off. Later, Libby is dismayed when Lucas doesn’t show up for their date.

Also, after a few glasses of wine, Rebecca confides in Miranda that she still loves Paul.

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