Susan is devastated when Rachel commits herself to resuming her relationship with Angus after he is released from prison. Struggling against Rachel’s determination to give her relationship another go, Susan is forced to make a pact with Angus where she agrees to allow them to be in contact when he comes out of jail. As an excited Rachel makes plans, Susan battles her own deep reservations…

Miranda is shocked to learn from Nicola that Steve kissed her during the bush fire. But when Steve insists it was actually Nicola who made the first move, Miranda believes his version of events, and is devastated by her sister’s betrayal. Nicola is then forced to admit she’s been in love with Steve for years, an admission that could destroy her relationship with her sister.

Meanwhile, as the Parkers reel from the upset, Ned makes things even worse when he announces he needs money to give Kirsten the medical treatment she requires and will have to pull his equity out of the house.

Also, Lou has a surprise for Harold and Kate.

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