Rachel wants Tony to see sense

Rachel is upset at Tony for refusing to abandon the boxing match, and she doesn’t want to hear his explanations. They are barely speaking. She asks John to call off the fight, but he refuses, which makes her more angry. After Marilyn and Irene tell her to let the boys play their games, Rachel changes tack, giving Tony a first aid kit and wishing him luck. What will happen at the boxing match?

Romeo receives a letter that he wrote to his mother – one of many. It’s been returned again, and so it seems like she couldn’t care less about him. The other members of the household note his change in mood, and when Romeo tells them what’s wrong, they try to be positive.

But Romeo isn’t interested – he just wants to forget about her. While Romeo considers what he should do, he is completely blown away when his mother Jill arrives on his doorstep. What is she doing in the Bay?

John finds an admirer in Jill, who’s aloof and does whatever she wants. She certainly doesn’t mind a drink, and flirts with everyone she runs into. Nobody knows just what to make of her, least of all Romeo.

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