Rachel’s baby is born

Rachel makes it to hospital as her contractions become more frequent. Her biggest concern, however, is that Tony is AWOL. He finally arrives as Dr Young breaks Rachel’s waters. But there’s blood in her waters and the baby is in distress. Rachel manages to deliver the baby, but it’s suffering from considerable blood loss and is unable to breathe unaided. The wait is agonising but eventually baby Harry starts breathing.

Belle has a visit from Nicole, who presents Belle with a small gift and a letter from Roman for Aden. The two girls bond. Both lament that Roman won’t be at the wedding, especially as he thought he might be best man. The next day Belle suggests to Aden that Nicole could be best man.

Aden puts the idea to Nicole, who isn’t sure. Geoff helps her realise what an honour it is. When Nicole heads over to tell Aden she’ll accept, she finds Belle swallowing pills. Nicole is upset, and tackles Belle about using drugs again.

Belle tries to talk her way out of it, but when Nicole is determined to go upstairs and tell Aden about the pill popping, Belle is forced to tell her the truth. The pills are medication because she’s sick. In fact she’s dying.

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