Rachel’s date goes horribly wrong

After lying about her age, Rachel finds herself on a date with sexy new guy Angus. With obvious chemistry between them, it looks like a kiss is on the cards, until Rachel makes a swift exit, leaving Angus intrigued. But it seems the pair are destined to meet up again sooner than Rachel thought when he turns up at school as her replacement teacher.

Despite Jessica’s encouragement, Zeke is initially a nervous wallflower at the dance party, until cute Ruby encourages him to dance. Soon enough, he is lost in the music, and in Ruby’s company. Meanwhile, Libby discovers Zeke has slipped out of the house for the night. But when she later confronts him, he avoids telling her the truth.

Although Carmella and Marco’s cocktail party is a huge success, Carmella finds herself obsessed with whether other people think they’re a couple, which amuses Marco. Faced with the obvious attraction between them, Carmella finally gives in, and they spend the night together. But next morning, Carmella emerges from Marco’s bedroom to find herself under the scrutiny of the Silvani women.

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