Oh no, oh no, oh no! Oh, yes! Rachel has seen Charity holding Archie and she can tell by the look on Charity’s face that she has not been transformed into a doting stepmum. Rachel sees the looks on Rishi’s and Jai’s faces, too, and knows that the game is up and pretty soon the whole village will know that Archie has Sharma blood running through his veins. Priya has already been told and is furious – although why she’s so angry is not immediately clear. It might have something to do with the baby news completely wiping her wedding out of the minds of the Sharma clan. First Nikhil leapfrogs her to get married first, now this!

Declan leapfrogged Steve to buy the racehorse for Katie, but Steve’s agile mind has won him a quick revenge… He has bought the land Declan thought he was buying. So, how did Steve know about Declan’s business? Oh, that would be thanks to a drunken Nicola. Now Declan’s furious and Nicola’s worried. If she loses this job she could end up working in the Sharma factory alongside the likes of Ali – and Ali would be her supervisor. Shudder!

Andy shudders when Victoria asks him to find Amy a bloke. Awkward! But his little sister doesn’t know Amy’s got a thing for her brother…