Rachel’s held at gunpoint

In the final episode of this series, Judy Garland has found her way from the bright lights of Broadway to Aidensfield – says David Stockwell. The villagers are thrilled and Lord Ashfordly even invites her to dinner at his mansion. But has Judy really decided to vacation in Yorkshire? Or is this Judy packing a secret punch?

Sergeant George Miller is distracted by his wife’s behaviour. She’s been accused of shoplifting by a local storekeeper and ends up in a cell overnight.

It’s a problem Miller can do without as he and his officers are heavily involved with trying to catch the crooks who have flooded Aidensfield with forged banknotes. Their prime suspect is a bad ‘un from Bristol called Jim Bly and they post his picture throughout the area.

Sure enough, Bly and his girlfriend, Ruthie, are hiding out in a barn and Ruthie’s scared… She’s seen the wanted posters and thinks they’re going to be caught, but Bly won’t leave. He decides to burgle a house where he knows the owner is away – and pushes his luck too far.

The police are on to them; Ruthie’s captured but Bly escapes. As DS Rachel Dawson transfers Ruthie to headquarters for questioning, Bly runs her off the road and holds her at gunpoint. Can Pc Mason lead the officers on a successful rescue mission?

*Heartbeat will return later this year or early 2010*