Well, Jai wanted to be a daddy and now he can be – because Rachel’s pregnant. Yes, remember when the scrubber was supposed to be scrubbing the factory floors and Jai gave her the night off so she could get drunk with him? And then they got down and dirty on the unscrubbed factory floor (Nikhil would have had a fit!)? Well, now Rachel’s carrying Jai’s baby. She’s done the test and given it to Ali to read for her (yes, Ali’s reading is coming along nicely) and it confirms her worst fears. Now she just has to decide what to be most worried about: being pregnant, telling Jai she’s pregnant, or Charity finding out she’s pregnant with Jai’s child. It’s a no-brainer really.

Cameron thinks marrying Debbie is a no-brainer but she is very surprised when he proposes. She needs time to think, but Cameron doesn’t want a delay and proposes again, in The Woolpack – right in front of Chas. Ouch! Debbie, though, has made up her mind and her answer is yes!

Marlon has made up his mind, too: he wants to stay in Emmerdale with Laurel and he has stayed with her – overnight! Best not go home and tell Ashley where he’s been…