Rachel’s secret is out! Now what, Jai?

Jai’s worried that Ali will put two and two together and work out he’s the father of Rachel’s baby. But this is Ali we’re talking about and her maths is about as good as her reading… Jai’s anxiety begins when the locals start playing ‘Guess the father of Rachel’s baby’ in The Woolpack after Dan sees Rachel’s only drinking water and guesses that she’s pregnant. Rachel’s horrified and leaves and David goes after her, to make sure she’s OK – so Ali becomes convinced David’s the daddy. Jai also goes after Rachel and finds himself at the mercy of a cleaner in a hoodie. But Rachel shows him no mercy… She’s sick of him worrying only about himself and tells him he’s having nothing more to do with her baby.

It looks like Lisa and Zak will be having very little to do with each other in future. Lisa tells Charity she and Zak are separating and Zak tells Megan. Charity doesn’t really know what to say, but Megan does: she tells Zak if he loves Lisa then he should fight for her (but not with his fists).

Val’s been fighting for Pollard and muscles her way back in to his home now that Brenda’s gone. But Kerry’s still around and she’s not happy…