Rachel’s spotted with Angus

Angus apologises to Rachel when he mistakenly blames her for leaving a gift in his desk. Rachel takes the opportunity to ask Angus for time alone to discuss their mutual feelings. Angus agrees and together in his car that night, Angus makes it clear they can never be together. But as Rachel leaves the car, she’s spotted by Jessica…

Despite accepting that she may have pushed Darren away, Libby is still unable to forgive him for his infidelity. Wanting a second chance, determined Darren showers Libby with gifts, takes her to dinner and pledges to do whatever it takes. However, Libby tells him she can never go back to Shepparton to live.

After noticing Oliver’s aggressive mood, Carmella is quick to reassure him Marco will never replace him as her child’s father. Marco decides not to tell Carmella of his plans to buy a house, for fear of worrying her that they’re moving too quickly.

Steve and Miranda agree to jointly bid on the Timmins’ house with Ned. Excited, Janae jumps to the conclusion that the offer includes her, leaving Steve and Miranda with the dilemma of how to tell her she’s not part of the plan.

Also, Janae apologises to Kirsten to save her relationship.