Rae gives Ste an ultimatum…

Rae makes a decision about her and Ste’s future. Ste is begging her for another chance but she makes it clear she’s not interested. Things get worse when Brendan shows up asking to speak to Rae alone. He doesn’t want anyone to know about him and Ste and Rae orders him out realizing he doesn’t care about her or Ste. Later, she tells Ste she is bringing up the baby alone.

Brendan and Mitzeee renegotiate their relationship. But for one half of the pair it may not be false. She tells Brendan that she needs to continue their scam and makes it clear infront of Warren that she is all Brendan’s.

Heidi feels insecure after her accident and despite Mitzeee’s best efforts to make her feel better she cries on the shoulder of a smitten Gaz. Later, when she realizes Carl will be late home again she finds herself drawn to Gaz. He decides to seize the moment and move in for a kiss, asking if he can stay.

Also; Ruby and Ricky bunk off school but Esther convinces them to take her along. Ricky’s annoyed, but this soon changes when Ruby insists on some kissing games.

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