Rae sabotages Newt’s job!

Rae arrives for her new job in Relish, but is furious to discover that Newt also works there. She ruins an order and lets Newt take the full brunt of the blame. Maintaining his innocence to Ste, it’s clear one of them must go.

Ricky and Duncan are determined to con the citizens of Hollyoaks in their ‘fake’ raffle for a Harrods hamper. The boys’ mood is soon dampened when Cheryl suggests they hold the draw in the Dog and a thrilled Myra wins. Cottoning on that something is amiss; Myra hot tails it after Duncan and Ricky.

Theresa’s feeling low when Myra arrives home. Jacqui hands her a letter and she realises it’s off her mum, announcing that she’s coming for Christmas. Attempts to persuade Lauren to go shopping fall flat when Gaz rocks up. Unaware of the blossoming friendship, Theresa sends him packing. Later, a chance meeting with Gaz makes Lauren think.

Also; Steph’s grateful when Loretta offers to collect an unwell Tom from after school club. Arriving home, Tom milks his illness for all he’s worth as Loretta lets him have his way. With Jake popping in from a shopping trip, Loretta’s overwhelmed when he gives her a locket, confessing his love for her.

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