Rae is composing her last will in her notebook when Newt pays her a visit. Newt is astonished to see it’s a will she’s been writing and tries to make light of the situation, hoping she’ll forget about the curse she fears so much.

Ste and the kids walk Amy to work when a homeless Josh emerges from the bushes. Distracted by a phone call, Ste loses sight of Leah. He starts to panic, just as Josh arrives with her in hand. The lads have a heart to heart, and Ste invites Josh to stay with him and Amy.

Cindy receives a card through her door from a local psychic. As Tony and Frankie return, they’re concerned to hear that the death card made an appearance in the tarot reading, and no amount of consolation can help Cindy. Suddenly there is a call from the police; Holly’s jacket has been found with a recent bus ticket in the pocket.

Also, Loretta has been following Jake around the village and when she makes herself known, he’s shocked and angry at her return. She begs him to forgive her, explaining how hard it was for her when Jake was accused of taking Holly.

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