Rae’s attacked!

Newt tries to convince a curse-obsessed Rae that you can cheat death, but when Kenzie’s gang attacks her she’s shaken to the core. Newt realises how real Rae’s curse fears are.

Michaela screams to be let free from the shipping container she’s been trapped in by a vicious gang. But Meriel enjoys her predicament – and leaves her locked in until it suits her to let her out. Despite a sprained ankle, Michaela is flushed with success about her edgy, gangland story.

Until Meriel tells her that Zak has been arrested and she realises that Meriel’s to blame for tipping DI Andrews off about Tariq. Things get worse for Michaela when Meriel tells her to expect a big story about Zak in tomorrow’s paper.

Tony wonders why Cindy’s acting so suspicious. She admits she’s been looking at houses in North Wales – she’s after a fresh start to their marriage. Tony insists he’s happy living in Hollyoaks but then relents and zips off to see the property Cindy’s got in mind. While Tony’s house-hunting, he witnesses a glamorous woman being run down by a car.

Also, Ricky visits his dad in hospital. As the truth dawns that Martin is sicker than he’s admitting, Ricky fights to stay strong for his dad.

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