Raf’s devastated after last week’s shock confession from wife Amy that she’d slept with his arch-rival Harry and that he could be the father of her unborn child – a baby they’d been trying so desperately to conceive. Knowing he needs to take control, Raf orders Amy to take a paternity test. He insists he’s not prepared to bring up another man’s child – especially Harry’s – then delivers an ultimatum: it’s me or the baby!

Harry, meanwhile, is concerned with passing his end of year assessment but when he believes Raf’s deliberately trying to see him fail, Harry loses it and tries to pick a fight with him. But as Raf retaliates and Amy gets caught in the scuffle and tries to shield her stomach, Harry realises she’s pregnant – and it dawns on him that he could be the baby’s father! Later, Amy waits in obstetrician Mr Thompson’s office to carry out the paternity test – but will she go through with it?

After finding Zosia with the morning-after pill, Holby boss Guy vents his frustrations about his wayward daughter to best pal Jesse – unaware he’s the man she’s been seeing – prompting Jesse to tell Zosia that they should cool things off. When Zosia witnesses Jesse’s closeness with Ashley, the mother of a young patient, Fred, she’s sure he’s cheating on her. As Zosia’s jealousy gets in the way of Fred having an operation, Jesse tells her it’s over. Will scorned woman Zosia take no for an answer?

Also, Elliot treats an old man, who senses all is not well with the wonderful Professor. Elliot successfully diagnoses the old man, but is still shaken by the fact his own mortality is in doubt and hurries back to the lab to continue work on his precious Herzig invention, before time runs out…