The Robinson family are stunned to hear that Rafael, Jayden and Sue were causing accidents on the Robinson Heights project. Rafael and Jayden show remorse for their actions, but Sue wishes it was Paul that got trapped underneath the concrete slab! Rafael explains that his mother died in a factory owned by Paul in Brazil. Paul claims it’s all a lie, until he’s reminded that he had a brain tumour while in Brazil. Could the factory fire that killed Rafael’s mother be a lapse in Paul’s memory? And will anyone be able to help Paul find out the truth?

Meanwhile, Xanthe is finding it difficult to manage her schoolwork, job and long-distance relationship with Ben. By spending hours on the phone with Ben, she ends up being late to work. Is Xanthe and Ben’s long-distance relationship doomed to fail? Or will Xanthe and Ben find creative ways to make time for one another?

Also, Elly finds Mark at The Waterhole. He decided to not go to Louise’s trial and the pair end up having a heart to heart and it’s clear there is still chemistry. Will these two reunite?