Rafael finds out the truth

Rafael finds out who is responsible for the fire that killed his mother

Aaron hands in the USB that proves Paul is innocent and had no involvement in the fire that killed Rafael’s mother. Rafael is grateful to have some answers, but it also means he will continue to look for his mother’s killer and that means going to London to track down Dakota. It seems that Rafael and David’s romance has come to an end, and Rafael encourages David not to give up on Aaron. Will David take Rafael’s advice?

Meanwhile, Xanthe is in high spirits as she arrives in Oakley to visit Ben. The couple had intended to spend the entire weekend together, but Ben has to work. At first, Xanthe tries to be supportive and encourages Ben to focus on his internship; however, she starts to get annoyed that she has left home only to spend time alone. She decides to tell Ben how she feels – but what will he say?

Also, Terese is feeling good after successfully picking up the pieces with the conference organisers after Leo never showed up. She has a chat with Leo and the pair of them decide that they should focus on improving Lassiters’ star rating. Things get even better, when Terese has a meeting with Paul and he says he’ll take her ideas more seriously. But, later in the day, Paul has a shock in store for Terese…