It’s the day of Harry’s hearing, after a vengeful Raf got him suspended by hiding a patient’s notes, which led to the patient bleeding out and almost dying in theatre. Serena wants to postpone the hearing because of a busy schedule – but Raf thinks they should press ahead, desperate to get the man who slept with his wife out of his life for good.

At the hearing, an angry Harry accuses Raf of being a liar and the meeting is adjourned. Later on AAU, Raf is clearly struggling with the guilt that he was the one who put the patient’s life in jeopardy. Will he come clean to Guy and Serena about his part in the incident?

Meanwhile, after losing the Herzig to Jac and moving out of the Consultant’s Office, Elliot begins to see his future away from Holby and prepares for his retirement. But with Adele intent on keeping him at the hospital, will he succeed with his plans?

Also, with a loved-up Arthur and an absent Zosia, Dominic’s feeling increasingly alone – but there’s hope on the horizon when Kyle returns to the hospital to visit his sick brother. Will Dominic take a chance on love?