Rain exacts her revenge on Amber and Daniel

Lauren’s horrified by Amber’s decision to join the New Eden commune. After speaking to Lauren, Daniel confronts Rain, who shows her true colours. Daniel tries to make Amber see sense, but she pushes him away. Seeking clarity, Amber goes to Rain who puts her into a trancelike state, telling her that she must end things with Daniel.

When Paige teases Bailey about Alice, he seeks revenge by replying to an assumed scammer who’s sending her messages on Facebook. The scammer replies – but he seems to be authentic – a decent guy called Bryson. Bailey begs Paige to send a nice rejection message, but when Bryson messages back, Paige is charmed by his reply.

Naomi is feeling positive about her plans to open her own business – but when she’s reunited with her long-lost brother Gary, she’s quickly rankled by Sheila’s blatant favouritism. Sick of being treated like she’s second best, Naomi challenges Gary to reveal the dark truth about his past.