Rain exerts her influence over Amber

Rain is worried when Wolfie threatens to call Daniel and reveal their break-up. Knowing that this will shake her credibility with Daniel and Amber, she decides to make a pre-emptive strike, offering to take Amber through a guided meditation. Rain exerts her influence over a vunerable Amber, reassuring her that, no matter what she hears, she can always trust her.

Gary and Kyle continue to bond, but Sheila still isn’t sure whether she believes Gary’s story about being a witness to the aftermath of an armed robbery. But Brennan tells Sheila the story checks out. Sheila’s relieved and encourages Gary to tell his story to the police. Gary insists he will, but in his own time.

Imogen tells Daniel she doesn’t want to go solo to the school formal. Daniel can’t believe she hasn’t been asked, but his words make Imogen upset, given how she feels about him. She admits the guy she likes doesn’t even know she’s alive, but Daniel reassures her that things will work out if they’re meant to be together…