Rainie is on the warpath!

Ian and Peter’s hopes are crushed after being called in by the police, when they are told that the police haven’t find the person they think killed Lucy. Ian is worried when Mick visits to deliver his ultimatum. Attempting to tell Denise the truth, Ian is thwarted when Denise heads out to return Cora’s phone, which she has left at the Beales’ after visiting Patrick. Ian hurries to catch up with Denise after learning from Mick that Rainie is on the warpath, but he’s too late – Rainie has told Denise everything…

Meanwhile, Rainie heads to the Vic to demand money from Mick to stay quiet about ‘sleeping with him’. When Mick turns her down, reminding Rainie that he didn’t sleep with her, she’s furious. Pushed to her limit, Linda tells Nancy that Mick lied to protect Ian, while Rainie returns to Cora’s.

Peter feels bad when Lola isn’t supportive and he turns to Lauren for comfort. Realising how close they are, Peter kisses Lauren, telling her he loves her. Despite her feelings for Peter, Lauren feels too guilty to take things further, telling a heartbroken Peter they need to stay friends.

Also, Tina and Tosh go for their fertility appointment.