Rakesh gets a roasting from Vanessa! (VIDEO)

*Second episode*

Priya tries to break the ice with Vanessa in the shop, then tries to reassure Rakesh they’ll get there, but he isn’t convinced. Later, Rakesh hands Emma and James their contract. Meanwhile, Vanessa gets a statement for the savings account Rakesh set up for Johnny and her face darkens. In the Woolie, Vanessa lays into Rakesh, having got a bank statement for the account he set up for her son, his grandson, Johnny. Will she shop him to the police?

When Simon turns up at the street food van wanting the money for his drugs, Holly tells him her drastic plan to come up with the cash – she wants him to attack her so she can make it look as the van was robbed! When Adam turns up, worried about his sister, Holly keeps schtum and pretends to be serving Simon. But once he’s gone, she convinces Simon to go ahead with it. Later, after Holly informs Victoria she ‘forgot’ to bring the cash box home, Victoria goes to get it and finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time…

When Harriet’s minibus fails, she assures her passengers she’ll get them to their destination. Cain offers to look at the engine while Pete clocks Ross’ reaction to the dilemma and wonders if his brother had something to do with it.