Rakesh proposes to Priya!

Rakesh is embarrassed over his outburst about David and Priya. Backtracking, he tries to reassure David he and Priya are rock solid and proves it by not only proposing she moves in with him – but that they get married, too! As Priya says ‘yes’ she seals it with a kiss. But is her heart really and truly in the relationship?

When Rachel has it out with Jai, refusing to leave their son alone in his care, he fumes. Hoodwinking Rachel into coming to the factory with him, a huge row breaks out. As the mum warns Jai she wants full control of Archie’s life she claims she’s prepared to sacrifice her relationship with Sam if needs be! But Jai’s not about to be told what to do – and he locks her in a freezer van.

When Robert tells Aaron he’s moving back in with his wife, Aaron warns him that he’s in denial he’s gay and predicts another man will soon come along. Cain clocks Debbie and Ross talking and, knowing his daughter only too well, starts to suspect something is going on.