Rakesh sets light to Mill Cottage!

Desperate Rakesh torches Mill Cottage to try to recoup his losses from the failed development

Hour-long episode

Now desperate to recoup what he’s lost on redeveloping Mill Cottage, Rakesh has decided to torch the place to get an insurance payout! Having thought it through, the bent lawyer reckons he’s got a water-tight plan organised. Establishing an alibi, he then sneaks off to Mill with a backpack full of spray-paint and white spirit! After trashing the inside, Rakesh douses the house and lights a flame before running out…

But there’s a serious problem. Having left something inside the cottage, Nicola is upstairs. On hearing someone smashing the place up, she braces herself to confront the intruder but when she opens the door, Nicola’s met by a wall of flames! As she runs for the door, there’s an explosion and Nicola is knocked out as the scaffolding collapses! Ronnie and Dan hear her screams and rush to save her…

Elsewhere, another row with Ronnie sees Lawrence tell his ex lover he wished he was dead! Back at Home Farm, Lawrence is alarmed to hear Bernice has told Andy all about his fling with the plumber. As he pleads with Bernice to believe he’s not gay, his unconvinced wife agrees not to walk out on him.