Ramsay St switches on the Christmas lights!

The street gather to celebrate the turning on of the Ramsay Street Christmas lights. Harold’s house wins hands down much to Lou’s delight. Lou tells Toadie to accept his defeat and stick to his side of the deal – to do a lap of the street with his pants down! So, Toadie drops his pants and reveals his boxer shorts are also up in lights, and does a dance for the street.

Ty and Rachel perform their Christmas song together in front of the residents of Ramsay Street and they all sing together, ‘It’s Christmas for You and Me!’ Meanwhile, after a toast between friends, Harold slips away in his campervan, and the Street celebrate, unaware they may have lost an old faithful friend.

Sam tries to gain sympathy from the last chance she’s got in Erinsborough, Paul Robinson! Paul plays her at her own game and tells Sam her crocodile tears won’t work on him. Sam’s situation looks dire, until Paul offers her a job anyway, as legal advisor on his paper. His believes Sams a player and he needs that kind of person on his team.

Also, Zeke’s behaviour continues to spiral out of control when he engages in some risky business at an abandoned power station with Hunter and his mates.

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