A new Neighbour shocks Ramsay Street when she turns up as the first occupant of Harold’s new Salvation Army House and she is not what the Ramsay Street residents expected. Cassandra ‘Sass’ Freedman is hot and hardly a vision of a mother-in-need and immediately makes fans of the men and enemies of the women. But it is Paul Robinson who she has her eye on. However, Donna is in for the biggest shock of all when she realises her mother has come to Erinsborough.

Following Libby’s admission of guilt over Zeke’s accident, Rachel destroys her bridesmaid dress, blaming Libby for letting go of Zeke. Libby and Rachel fight over the destruction of her bridesmaid dress and a worried Karl and Susan fear for Rachel. Dan helps Libby to face the guilt she feels over Zeke’s death and Rachel seeks solace in Ty and finally admits that she loves him.

Meanwhile, Elle debates whether or not to tell the Kennedy’s about her suspicions that Zeke may still be alive following her discovery of the portrait on the farm. And the Kennedy’s are concerned when Rachel’s anger at Libby threatens to destroy the memorial service planned for Zeke.

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