Alya, Imran and new waitress Kayla set up the restaurant with Zeedan. Rana Nazir is jumpy having heard nothing from her parents and Zeedan says she should set the police on them. Rana receives an anonymous phone call and is shocked when her father arrives at number 6 and angrily accuses her of having her mother arrested. A shocked Rana heads to Speed Daal to have it out with Zeedan for calling the police – but is he really the culprit?

As Simon winds up Toyah she covers in front of Peter, fearful that he will blab her secret, but when Simon’s behaviour oversteps the mark, with him and Tyler skiving off school in the pub back room, she realises it may be time to come clean to Peter.

An argument between Sally and Yasmeen over a bird feeder ends up with Audrey intervening and getting an injured ankle for her troubles and a trip to A&E. Jude and Mary try to talk Angie out of inviting Jude’s colleagues for dinner. Mary overhears Brian complaining about a long standing vacancy at the council and urges Jude to apply.

First episode of the evening.