Rana Nazir is furious with Kate for reporting her mum and heads off to the station where she tells the police there is no way she would testify against her mum. She apologises to Zeedan who offers her a job at Speed Daal. Kayla walks in to find him hugging Rana and giving her a kiss and he later tells Kayla he thinks Rana still has feelings for him.

Toyah lies to Peter saying she paid for Eva’s course in America and that Simon has been blackmailing her. Unaware of what the real deal was with Eva, Simon no longer has any power over Toyah and when Tyler discovers Simon used his phone to text Amy he is furious. Peter grounds Simon and Toyah begs him not to be led astray by Tyler.

Billy confides in Shona about his problems with Summer. Shona tells him she needs him and is just lashing out as she is hurt. Billy thanks her and agrees to try and work on his relationship with Summer.

Audrey is thrilled to meet up with Geoff at the hospital. Yasmeen seems unimpressed until Geoff wins her round and asks her out on a date. Angie talks to Jude about being bullied by his colleagues Seth and Philippa and tells Rosie she thinks he is keeping something from her.

Second episode of the evening.