Rana is horrified when Zeedan forces her to confess her affair to her family

Zeedan tells Rana’s parents her lover is a woman...

Rana and Imran go round to the house where they find a hungover Zeedan. Rana is shocked to get a text from her parents saying they are coming round. To her horror Zeedan hands round glasses of whiskey and forces her to confess about her affair. When Zeedan reveals her lover is a woman her parents are stunned. But Zeedan is shocked by their next move…

Peter can’t  hide his anger about the fling with Daniel and angrily berates Carla for sleeping with someone so young. Whilst she puts him back in his place she confesses to Michelle that it was just a fling and meant nothing.

Gemma and Henry meet up for lunch with Henry’s mate Hugo and his girlfriend. On a nearby table Chesney is appalled to hear Hugo slagging off Gemma and Henry failing to defend her.

Dev and Sally are worried that Gina is missing. Shona is not impressed to find Maria massaging David’s leg. Maria is worried Shona is her boxing opponent!

First episode of evening.