Rani fights for Callum’s forgiveness

Rani tries to apologise to Callum again but he doesn’t want to listen – and he quits the play, which is due to be performed today. Rani’s gutted, and tries to find a way to convince Callum that she genuinely wants him back in her life.

Rani decides to rewrite the vital scene of the play, and with Ajay’s help comes up with something from the heart. When Callum reads the new scene he can’t help but be affected.

Chris urges Georgia to head to Frankston and find Kyle. He believes honesty is the best policy, and is convinced that once they get past the initial hurt, she and Kyle will get back together because they’re meant for each other.

Kate reminds Chris how Georgia spiralled out of control after her last relationship drama, and Chris is forced to sabotage Georgia’s plans.