Priya learns that Rani has gone to a party with Harley and tells Ajay who charges off to find them. Luckily he catches up with them just as Harley’s friend arrives to collect them and orders his daughter into his car. Rani is furious and blurts out that her mother has been having an affair with Paul Robinson but Ajay doesn’t believe her. At home, Priya realises Rani is taking the blame for her actions and, overwhelmed with guilt, confesses to the affair. Ajay is shattered and orders his wife out of their house…

After talking with Ajay, Karl confronts Harley about the evening’s events but Harley denies any wrongdoing, ignoring his cousin’s pleas to face the music. Realising he can’t handle him, Kyle resorts to enlisting Sheila, who arrives the following day to take Harley back home, much to his astonishment. However, Sheila is also shocked at the way Kyle is living and decides to move in with him to get his life back on track.

Andrew and Tash have been trying to work together since their kiss but the tension mounts and they’re eventually forced to talk about it. She insists she doesn’t want to spoil their friendship and, though Andrew agrees, keeping their feelings out of it is going to be difficult.