Rash hostage hero? Will the timid doc put his life on the line to save Gem Dean?

Is Rash about to be the hero of the hour?

Think of a hero and Casualty’s Rash Masum doesn’t spring to mind – yet! Last week the nervous junior doctor overcame his fear of Resus and saved a patient’s life in the process. This week Rash (Neet Mohan) is eager to get back into the thick of the ED but when Alicia asks him to treat a volatile prisoner, it seems Rash’s fears haven’t gone away.

Meanwhile, hospital porter Gem Dean (Rebecca Ryan) bonds with prisoner Jack MacLellan (Sam Hudson) believing his tough guy attitude is all an act. Gem regrets her sympathetic stance however when Jack holds her hostage at knifepoint so he can escape from the hospital!

Jack is treated by Sam in prison. Later, at the ED he takes Gem hostage

As soon as Rash realises what’s happened, he races to save Gemma, but when it comes to putting his life on the line will Rash freeze or leap into action?

Meanwhile, Alicia’s attempts to build bridges with Ethan get a frosty reception. Senior nurse Charlie notices the bad blood between them, and when his fatherly advice falls on deaf ears, he gives Alicia and Ethan food for thought. Will they chew it over and put Alicia’s Rage in Resus betrayal behind them?

Charlie has a few choice words for Ethan… and later, Alicia!

Elsewhere, Ethan continues to give Rash a hard time in the ED, while encouraging Bea to fulfil her potential. Bea’s overjoyed when Ethan arranges for her to work in Orthopaedics under leading specialist Alex Broadhurst (Holby City’s Sasha Behar). If Bea manages to impress Alex she may secure a free trainee placement at the International Trauma Course. However, Bea’s got competition in Eddie McAllister, an ambitious F1 who’s happy to let Bea take the fall for his mistakes…

Also this week, Iain and Sam work well as tight unit when called to a violent prison incident. Rash’s co-workers are unimpressed with his inconsistent presence in Resus. And Bea encourages Rash to ask Gem out…