Rob prepares for the governors’ visit, while Ravi’s too embarrassed to tell Rob that he’s Eva’s life model. Rob catches up with the tour as they open the door to reveal Eva and Ravi smooching, and he fires her. Duncan sends a photo to all of his contacts, but unaware, Ravi then warns him to keep his mouth shut.

Diane dotes on the baby she’s taken and explains that she saw the baby abandoned and just had to take him away. Sinead knows it’s wrong, but she also knows how much Diane wants a baby. But Finn’s in disbelief at Sinead’s reaction and can’t bear the thought of being replaced. When Rob arrives home, he’s torn as Diane pleads with him to let her keep the baby.

Jamil says he’s not going to be around much and India’s confused by his vagueness. Later, she’s surprised to find him at the SU bar, where he drunkenly makes a pass at her. It all gets too much and he blurts out the truth: he’s getting married to Lanika.

Also; Ste tells Rae about his new position at Chez Chez, and she asks him to get her a gig DJ-ing. Brendan’s quick to refuse her a job. When she walks out, Brendan tells Ste he can do much better.

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