Ravi fights Calvin

Ravi’s opponent drops out of the illegal fight so Ash approaches a skint Calvin. Ravi writes an apology to his family in case he dies during the fight. Ravi and Calvin are both stunned when they realise they’re fighting each other. Calvin offers to throw the fight, but Ravi’s pride wins out and he won’t hear of it. Calvin gets the worst of it during the fight and ends up in hospital, while Ravi is just pleased to be alive.

Zak, Archie, Elliot and Kris are eaten up with suspicion that one of them will steal Warren’s money and none of them like leaving the bag unsupervised. Archie panics when Kris disappears from the SU Bar and rushes back to the flat only to find Zak and Elliot already there, accusing each other of stealing.

Ricky is crying in Tan and Tumble but composes himself before Anita turns up. Anita takes him back to the Roys’ and asks for some money so they can go out for dinner. When Bel refuses so Ricky does some street theatre to raise the cash. Ricky suggests they go on a date but before Anita can answer Ricky notices the time and rushes off without explanation.

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