Ravi gets some devastating news

Ravi is worried about his dizzy spells and goes on a drinking binge to forget about it. He makes a fool of himself when he tries to chat up gay barmaid Charlotte at the SU bar then collapses outside. Kris encourages Ravi to see a doctor when Ravi confesses that it’s happened before. Ravi is devastated when he learns that he has a brain aneurism.

Elliot is troubled when Leila is off with him and he decides to do something romantic to win her over. Dom helps Elliot prepare a vegetarian feast and he whisks her off on a romantic picnic. Elliot makes a big effort to pay every attention to his girlfriend, but Leila refuses to take the bait and continues to be cold to him.

Cindy is determined to bag Tony and she steps up her efforts to catch his attention. Ste notices that Cindy is in full flirt mode and he suggests that she take an interest in Tony’s biggest passion – food. Tony is surprised when Cindy asks him to teach her to cook and despite her cooking skills leaving a lot to be desired, Cindy’s plan has worked and they get it on in the kitchen!

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