Ravi has a blackout

Ash is frustrated when Ravi won’t face up to Caleb after the attack so he decides to square up to him instead. Ravi pulls him off and a frustrated Ash blurts out that he told Caleb that Ravi was bisexual. Ravi is furious but he has more to worry about than falling out with his brother when, alone in the house, he has a blackout.

Rhys tries to play peacemaker between Josh and a hurt Hayley but neither of them will give any ground. Even worse, it turns out that instead of securing the bands future, Josh has actually ruined it by getting rid of Hayley because of her wheelchair when an outraged Rob insists that he will never represent a band that bows to bigotry.

Newt invites Theresa to Darren’s empty flat so that they can spend some private time together. As things start to hot up, Theresa produces the condoms that Anita stole from Drive ‘N’ Buy and they head for the bedroom. Their passion is interrupted when Lauren phones Newt for a chat and Newt is faced with a dilemma – an exciting new conquest or his needy ex.

Also, Anita decides to see skater boy Ricky again.

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