Ravi loses it with Leila

Ravi is getting irritated by Leila’s constant supervision and gives her the slip to go running. Ravi bumps into Loretta and arranges a date. Leila worries when she finds out about the date and she has a word with Loretta and awkwardly tells her that Ravi needs to avoid both alcohol and sex. Ravi meets Loretta for their date and is furious when Loretta lets slip about Leila’s warning and he violently confronts Leila.

Jacqui’s back after another unsuccessful trip to find Max and is furious to discover that Ash has given her job to Loretta. Jacqui grabs a pile of washing and marches it over to the village fountain, closely followed by the owner, Des. Jacqui bumps into Des again later but instead of being angry he asks her out. Jacqui turns him down and throws away his number but Carmel rescues it from the rubbish.

Zoecringes when she watches her Buff TV broadcast with Nancy, who is horrified that Zoe has allowed an underage Theresa to do a shoot. Carmel sees the segment and she furiously confronts Zoe for taking advantage of her young cousin. Zoe guilty admits that she was wrong and she resolves to quit her TV job.

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