Ravi returns home and when he and Anita come face to face, he explains the adoption from his perspective. She pushes him away and he falls on his back, as she walks off. Later, Anita turns up to make amends with her brother, and Ravi realises how much he needs his family. But an excited Bel then reveals that Gov has been offered a new job and they’re moving to Middlesborough!

Hannah finds herself with free tickets to a music festival called Hazy days. To her dismay, they can’t use the car as a firm Nev has demanded that Josh hands over the keys. However, Gilly has some keys and as Rhys distracts him, Hannah approaches from behind and pulls a sleeping bag over him. The group make a getaway.

Sarah is furious with Lydia for causing problems between her and Zoe, so when Fernando offers her tickets to join their trip, Sarah invites Zoe along without Lydia knowing. Lydia is filled with hatred as she watches the two set off together.

Also; Gilly tells Steph that he’s not up to doing a parachute jump and uses money as an excuse to get out of it. Fernando insists that he will cover his costs and it looks like Gilly has no way out.

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