Ravi risks his life to take revenge

Zak is appalled when he finds out that Caleb has threatened Ravi and Kris because they are bisexual. Meanwhile, Ash feels embarrassed that Ravi didn’t stand up to Caleb when he was attacked. Zak is surprised when Caleb drops the hard man act and breaks down after finding out he’s got to return to Afghanistan.

Caleb is embarrassed about crying in front of Zak and tries it on with Leila to prove his manliness. Ravi risks his life when he intervenes and attacks Caleb, to prove to Ash that he’s no coward.

Darren is determined to find out who Cindy’s new man is and he sneaks around after her, hoping to catch her with her mystery lover. Darren is stunned when he catches Cindy apparently rolling around Il Gnosh with Dom, not realising that it was an innocent accident!

Elliot realises that he needs to support Leila, but he offends her when he books her an appointment with a clinic to discuss abortion options. Leila resolves not to tell Elliot that she hasn’t even taken the test yet, but she cracks and confesses. Both apologise for behaving badly and are relieved when Leila takes the test and it’s negative.

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