Ravi and Eva wind each other up about their love lives. After Ravi tries and fails to coax Jem on a night out with him, Ravi and Eva find themselves in bed together.

Brendan falsely sets the record straight as everyone crowds round a bloodied Ste. Rhys finds himself on the wrong side of Cheryl, so gets onto Michaela to dig some dirt. Brendan blackmails Ste and he names Brendan as hero of the hour.

Meanwhile, Malachy and Lynsey are brought closer together over their frustration that Brendan’s got away scot-free, until Cheryl reveals her true feelings for Mal. Brendan finds out Rhys called the press, as Lynsey watches Cheryl drag Malachy off for a dance.

Tony gets the shock of his life when Gabby turns up with her husband Phil. Theresa arrives and it doesn’t take long for her to work out that Tony has an interest in Gabby and thinks that the feeling’s mutual. When Phil storms out, Tony and Gabby are struck by the feelings between them.

Also; Carl tries to apologise to Jem for his treatment of Liam in the past. She’s glad and agrees to give her dad one last chance, just as Heidi has. Carl agrees to let both Jem and Jasmine live their own lives.

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