Ash is torn on the day of Ravi’s big fight. He doesn’t want Ravi risking his life, but can’t let on that he knows about the aneurysm. Ash tries to cancel the fight, but Ravi sees the fight organiser and a guilty Ash is forced to accept the money for the fight to go ahead. Ash’s heart is in his mouth but Ravi comes out the winner. Later Ravi has a bad turn in the SU Bar though.

Ricky leaves Anita to pick up the bill when they share a burger as he’s left his bag and cash in Drive ‘N’ Buy after his paper round. Ricky goes to collect his bag and is confronted by Rhys, who has found a bag of weed. Anita is stunned – especially when Ricky chooses the drugs over her and his job.

Loretta feels on the outer as she watches Nancy, Zoe and Hannah having fun and she tries to get in with their gang by offering them some pole dancing lessons. Loretta tries to teach the girls some sexy moves back at the flat but the girls are useless. The girls head off for a night out after the lesson and Loretta invites herself along.

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