Leila and Ravi are concerned when Anita tells them she feels unwell. Anita remains tight lipped, even when Ravi appears, holding Anita’s plastic hospital band. Ravi’s rage knows no bounds when Theresa confirms their worst fears and he heads off to confront Dave.

Ricky accuses Dave of spiking Anita and announces it to the rest of the SU bar. Josh suggests that Dave needs to speak to Anita urgently and Dave declares Anita must have taken the MDMA herself. Seeing that Josh is unconvinced, Dave’s gutted, especially when a furious Ravi arrives in Halls. Threatening to send him down for spiking Anita.

Jacqui pilfers boxes of fish fingers from School, but Gaz grasses her up to Des. Jacqui’s confident that Des will choose her. But hearing she’s been sacked sends her into a panic, especially when Des tells her how he feels. After a long think, Jacqui apologises.

Also; Mike’s languishing in a drunken haze, he apologises again to Zoe for coming on to her, but he’s shocked when Lydia tells him that Zoe’s moved in with them. Amy finds the whole set up abhorrent and tells Mike that as long as Zoe’s in the house – she wants nothing more to do with him…

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