Ravi wins Nancy back

Kris calls in to The Loft to see Ravi after their night of fun together, and things turn awkward when Nancy arrives. Nancy is upset when Ravi lightly dismisses her apology for not turning up last night and rushes off leaving Ravi convinced he has messed things up with Nancy for sure. Kris vows to help Ravi win her back and they hatch a plan to take over the student TV channel. Ravi delivers his plea on live TV and Nancy is won over by his dramatic declaration.

Cindy’s fantasies of a wealthy life with Ash are dashed when he produces a grotty pinny and a name badge for her to wear. Cindy is stunned to hear that she’ll be working in Relish as the new till girl. Furthermore, ideas of a relationship with Ash are quashed when he tells her he’d never go near a gold-digging tart like her. Realising she’s made a terrible error, Cindy finds herself apologising to Steph who lets her move back in.

Steph is happy at Frankie’s suggestion to open her own dance class and embarks on a mission to secure The Loft as her base.

Also, Theresa is pleased when Anita says she isn’t going to bother with Lauren again.

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