Ravi tries to get back in touch with the mysterious Kate. Then, out of the blue, Kate, turns up to see him. Meanwhile, Anita puts pressure on Ravi to get the address of her biological mother. When it comes to Ravi and Kate’s evening in together, Kate tries to get Anita to stick around. Ravi gets rid of his sister by giving her the address she’s after, but it’s Kate who ends up sneaking off.

Rae’s mind is taken off the curse when Newt takes her roller-skating, until she realises her lucky locket is missing. On their return Darren tells Rae he’s found her misplaced necklace. Rae is delighted and realises her real protection is Newt.

Carmel makes sure Theresa hasn’t told anyone she thinks she’s pregnant, but Theresa escapes to tell Jacqui Carmel’s secret. Theresa struggles to hold back as Carmel enthuses to Jackie that her own pregnancy is Calvin’s last gift to her.

Also; Nancy comes across a letter that Steph has lost, it’s about Cervical Cancer. Nancy tells her she has to see the Oncologist right away; Mercedes thinks she and Malachy will look guilty if they don’t return to work at The Loft. But Cheryl thinks it’s disgusting that she’s still planning to work for Sasha.

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