After a DNA test, Simone and Louis come face to face with their long-lost daughter, Lisa. However, it’s too much for real Lisa, who runs off, straight into ‘fake’ Lisa – aka Sonia. Lisa lashes out when the truth is revealed about Sonia stealing her life and Zack has to separate the warring girls. Zack persuades Lisa to come home and Simone and Louis remind her of her life before Margaret took her.

The Lovedays are shocked when Lisa tells them she’s had a good life and that she wants to see Margaret. It’s a heart-breaking moment as Lisa watches her ‘mum’ Margaret get taken to jail.

Meanwhile, Freddie continues to support Joe, who isn’t coping. Mercedes and Joe feed the ducks with JJ, but it seems they’re being watched… Ellie offers to help Freddie play cupid for Joe and Mercedes. Kim asks Esther for another chance then, later, she meets with Lindsey, who tells her to kidnap JJ if she ever wants to see Kath again.

Also, Grace and Sienna are still at loggerheads over their wedding dress crisis. Grace suggests a truce for Esther’s benefit – Sienna agrees but is horrified by Grace’s plans to alter the wedding dress Trevor bought her. Later, Trevor arrives at the boarding house and is happy to see Grace wearing her dress. He walks up behind her and puts his arms around her – but when he lifts the veil, it’s Sienna.