Is Rebecca about to lose her baby?

Just as Aaron is coming round to the idea of Robert being a father, Rebecca starts suffering awful pains...

While Robert continues to insist he doesn’t want anything to do with the baby he fathered during a one night stand with Rebecca, Aaron’s mellowing and tells his hubby he’ll support him as a dad and be there for him.

Meanwhile, Lawrence is still disappointed in his two daughters and ends up having a blazing row with Robert, but there’s panic when Rebecca later doubles over with crippling stomach pains when she’s with Chrissie and Victoria. Her sister, Chrissie, rushes her to hospital fearing the worst. Is Rebecca about to suffer a miscarriage and lose her baby?

Elsewhere, Marlon’s troubled when he sees a flirtatious Matt and Carly being playful together and can’t help feeling worried, Nell shoulders the blame for Kerry and a cash-strapped Finn is gutted when his request for a loan is rejected.