Rebecca admits her true feelings for Paul

Contemplating Paul’s offer to move back to Erinsborough, Rebecca admits that she’s seriously thinking about it. Confident, Paul quickly falls back into his money grubbing ways and cancels Georgia’s fundraising event for a quick buck. When Rebecca discovers this, her disappointment in him forces Paul to reconsider.

A dinner with Susan raises the question of whether Paul would have made the right decision without Rebecca’s influence. The conversation forces Rebecca to admit that her feelings for him stem from guilt over trying to kill him. Susan sets Paul straight about where Rebecca’s feelings stem from.

Lauren rejects her mother’s announcement that she wants to buy the house for her and begins to question Kathy’s motivations through the years. But Lou believes Lauren and Matt should think of their children. Lauren realises she can’t punish her children’s future for her mother’s actions and accepts the offer to buy the house. But her relationship with her mother is still fractured.

Kyle offers to help Georgia find another venue for her fundraising event when Paul cancels the fundraiser for a last-minute wedding booking. Georgia confronts Paul and is bewildered to find that, while he admits there’s a wedding, the mix up has been rectified. The fundraiser is back on.