Rebecca and Andrew bond during the protest

Declan drags Bridget away from the protest and Rebecca steps in on their behalf. When Principal Simpson refuses to budge Rebecca decides to chain herself, and Andrew, up inside the school. Trapped together, they finally start to see the other side of the story… and a new side of each other. Susan helps them negotiate a compromise that gets Bridget reinstated.

Ty is thrown by Tanya’s flirtatious management style but finally allows himself to relax. Rachel works hard to bury her insecurities about their relationship but Zeke suggests she might be right to be worried. Ty reveals he also has doubts himself. But when Tanya makes a move on Ty he pushes her away.

Bridget and Declan decide they want to live together. Miranda refuses but relents when she realises they want to live with her and not run off and set up home somewhere else. In an emotional scene at the protest, Rebecca hides her personal sorrow and encourages Declan’s attempts to be a better man. Unfortunately there’s one more hurdle to overcome: Bridget’s overprotective dad Steve.

Also, Elle and Lucas make an excellent team but when he makes another attempt to get close to her, she pushes him away. Can she overcome her urge to sabotage her relationships before it’s too late?

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